1. Ignorance is bliss.

    Ignorance isn’t always bliss. Bliss is when you know when ignorance is bliss.

  2. Oasis is a blue realm

    Listen to my story; Then, let me know if you like it.

    (PREFACE: Oasis in a blue realm: let’s break it down, paint some imagination.



    Where am I? (1. driving) —> (2. cabin) —> (3. bed)

    Who am I with?; (1. aquaintences) —>(2. close friends)—> (3. my girl)

    When did this happen? (1. afternoon) —>(2. happy hour)—>(3. midnight)

    What am I doing? (1. setting myself up for success)—>(2. drinking with my buddies)—> (3. romanticizing) 

    Why am I writing this? (1. I don’t have what I want out of life.)—> (2. I know what I want out of life.)—> (3. I need to make my dreams come true.)

    How am I going to make this happen? I wish I knew…. 

    One of those moments where time seems to be standing still….  One of those that everyone can relate to. It can be anything from the the hike to the top of everest to the passions of lovers in the heat of the moment… For me, my Oasis is a Blue Realm.

    The place where the clear skies match the deep blue and the only reminder youre still grounded is by the feeling of the sand under your toes. 

    On top of that ~~End of sunny day, after the sun’s been shining and the warmth ebbs so deep it’s comfortable for a shorts and tee at midnight. after the whole world parties til the sun down, your true friends stick around to be revealed. when youre calm but acting silly because they all understand you. the group is only a handful, but that fact is bittersweet cause the moments start to slow and you take a look around and see life for what it really is

    pass the blunt and turn some music on to relaxes the crew and cruise on the seas under the sky and just let the time wash away. i can see the stars behind the sun when the sound rushes to the forefront of sanity. Take a deep breath and feel your heart beating and lungs breathing and everything becomes nothing in the back room of humanity.

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    There comes a time where you can’t take any hits any more any lies any bullshit any fakeness. It’s time now, to walk away leave and never turn around.

    Wish it didn’t have to come to this.

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    Nothing like waking up next to the most beautiful woman in my life ever
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